#0903 Ethno-Paganism – the Final Red Pill

Ethno-Paganism – the Final Red Pill

Religion is a pain in the arse, isn’t it?

Let’s find out.

Most people in the West see themselves as atheists and have an absolute certainty that God or Gods just don’t exist and we are just atoms and molecules that evolved to become individualist living beings, buy shit, consume, amuse our ourselves with hedonism and then we die, the molecules decay, we return to dust, the end.

Nothing really matters.

Sounds a bit like a religion though, doesn’t it?

Certainly, heretics will be burned sooner or later by these fanatics.

This became particularly popular as a way of looking at life around the 1830s and was promoted and proselytized by thinkers of a new age when such things as steam engine railways and electric communication were invented. We were all individuals and the old communities were abandoned and the cities became packed, our old ways were forgotten, and new ideas, such as Communism became de rigueur. Effectively the seeds were planted 200 years ago for where we have arrived at now at the end of the second decade of the 21st Century.

The globalist prison and dystopian shithole full of mad and selfish lunatics.

Did this all “just happen”?

To speculate that no, it did not all just happen, we must go way back, way back to events in Germany in the year 9AD.

The brand-new Roman Empire, a universalist empire that had abandoned the ethnos of the Republic of Romans, with its first Emperor, Augustus (real name Octavian), a staggeringly greedy and vain man. He wanted to make his Empire bigger and North of Rome lay the rich farmlands and bountiful forest of the Germanic nations. Both the Germans and the Romans were of course “pagan” in their religion and shared the same core tenets of the Aryan, or Indo-European beliefs which had been around for thousands of years.

Couldn’t we all just get along?

Apparently not, but the best laid plans of Rome were laid waste in the forest of Teutoburg and over 20,000 dead Romans still lie rotting there to this day. The hero of the Germanic people and the leader who rallied them in one great united cause was Herman, or Arminius as Latin writers would call him and the German pagan belief rooted to their ethnic tribe and ancestors was the key to their success. Civilization is not bricks and mortar, it is the practice of self-sacrifice when one will die for one’s kin and distant kindred. The concept of reincarnation and the pagan cycles of life and death repeating meant death was not the end. Life goes around and round just as the cycles of the year go around and round, forever.

So what, one asks?

Well, Roman Emperors, and their new pals with middle-Eastern crazy religions, are sore losers and they knew the reason they were defeated so completely was that the mindset and unity of the tribes of pagan German warriors would never be defeated in battle.

Plans were hatched and opportunities arose. One moment was the Jewish revolt six decades later and the emergence of a new religion. The Jewish traitor, Josephus, famous for being the only historian who validates the “historical” Jesus was a cunning and clever guy. Working for the new Flavian Emperors, gangsters and utterly selfish characters, he wrote not only the History of the Antiquities of the Jews but also created a fantastical work of fiction referencing events from decades before, that never happened.

Dig a bit, you will find this out, it is amazingly not that well concealed.

The parallels to the historical life of Josephus and the fictional character of St Paul, (formerly Saul in the book) and the erasure from memory of the real “Jesus” who led the revolt against Rome are incredible and an entire book is required to document this.

Needless to say, the invention of Christianity, in Rome, think about that, about a Jewish “god-man” spreading the gospel about everlasting life in heaven if you keep your head down and forget about family, tribe, nation and all that silly pagan stuff was an incredibly brazen act.

Rome would not break the identity of Europeans by force but by stealth, it would take some time but key pivotal moments stand out.

In 312AD Constantine declared this new, entirely fictitious, cock and bull story to be the official revealed religion, but even then, they knew the festivals, customs and traditions made sense so they just tagged on the Jewish cult of nihilist death and misery onto the life-affirming real and nature driven pagan religion, at the same time declaring universalism as the creed, thus planting the seed to destroy ethnic nationalist beliefs.

Later in circa 800AD Charlemagne, a suspiciously middle-Eastern looking man, who took over the by now “Christian” German tribe called the Franks was carrying out his love and peace objectives by slaughtering en masse any Saxon, or anyone for that matter, who still believed in the real pagan beliefs. He burned all the books and burned a lot of people too. The survivors complied and a miserable life of serfdom then death was their future. In reality they could not detach from their ancient beliefs so pagan ritual and customs continued in the homes and the country, the core tenets of goodness, honour, and supernatural beliefs could not disappear. Why would they? They are real, whilst a parchment story book in Latin is just made up crap full of lies, yet today we actually believe that Easter, Christmas, Harvest Time, in fact ALL the calendar events and saints is “Christianity” when in reality most of it is still pagan.

It’s the only way the scam would work because we have innate traits as Europeans that words on paper cannot alter.

Eventually people saw through the falsehood of this nonsense belief from a bizarre foreign desert cult as people became literate and the truth was glaringly obvious. There was a resurgence of ethnic identity and pagan tenets of belief in the 19th Century which in turn lead to nation states in Europe emerging.

This would not do.

The Communists, who were mainly Jews, targeted the Russian nationalism first and created hell on earth. They still have, and are rolling out, plans for the whole world; we call it Globalism.

Germany eventually woke up having discovered its ethnic pride and ancient beliefs but was annihilated in 1945. At the same time, to undermine the positive movement of paganism of previous decades the powers that be concocted a “universalist” made up gobbledegook bundle of pic-n-mix alternative pagan candy to be purchased at the gift shop of gullibility. One such silly nonsense was Wicca, dreamt up by a team operated by MI6 in the 1940s to specifically challenge the Nazi cult beliefs that grew strengths from ancient Aryan religious ideals.

Aryan became a bad word and pride in your nation and ethnicity meant you were now a “racist, which is an insult straight out of the Bolshevik handbook of the Jew, Lev Bronstein, aka Trotsky.

It is worth pointing out that amidst all the current attacks on “white nationalism” today it is curiously okay to be Jewish and have pride in that ethnos and that ethnic religion. One might believe in the conspiracy theory that they are behind all of this, but clearly one would be insane, right?

Pagan religion cannot be a universalist religion like those Abrahamic mind control fabrications such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The root of our power is the ethnos of one’s ancestors, one’s kin, the kindred, the nation. Paganism, is ethno-pagan, and there is currently a culture war going on attacking this by co-ordinated, well-funded and false people saying otherwise.

These universalist charlatans are race traitors and are contributing to the final solution of white genocide. They promote the falsehood of merging Christianity with Paganism as if that would work, but the cancer of universalism must be cut out.

However, we need not reject “Christianity”, as the thing we think is “Christian” never was.

Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

Let’s just be honest and reject the Jewish eschatology of this fabricated tosh with its negativity and keep the good stuff that we love and call ourselves proud Ethno-Pagans and be damned.

That is the final red pill, embrace it or die.

Christianity is Universalism is Globalism, and that is part of the plan and the objective of this great 2000-year-old psy-op with 90% of Christians fully supporting replacement migration of white people by African and Arabs, and anyone for that matter.

This will not do.

They fear us and the prospect of us, the white European, recapturing that spirit of Arminius in the Forest of Teutoburg when our ancestors said, this far, and no further.

Embracing our past is our only future.

Published by gfsonsmith

G. Finlay Sonsmith lives beside the North Sea and had a varied and chequered career, then began, and continues, the pursuit of truth, which all free thinking men must do. Confronted with the state of things the compulsion to express an opinion while it is still possible to do so, was inevitable. There are infinite possibilities yet we can but travel in one direction at any moment in time. Ask the bees. Et solo sanguine. G. Finlay Sonsmith is on Amazon

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